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Perfect for both contemporary and traditional installs

Alitherm Heritage has been designed to offer a modern solution for heritage and renovations applications where the requirement to replace old steel crittal windows is essential. It provides the ideal solution for listed building renovations and large scale replica-refurbishment projects where planning constraints are to be considered.

In addition, the slim slender profile means the Alitherm Heritage system is also the perfect solution for contemporary properties. Installed both internally and externally, the windows and doors are designed to be built as a series of horizontal modules which can be stacked using horizontal couplers to form a multi-part window featuring a specially design drip bar between modules.

Alitherm profiles utilise Smarts' innovative polyamide thermal break technology which creates a barrier between the cold air outside and the warm air inside. This technology significantly reduces thermal transmittance and enhances the overall U Value of a product and is designed to meet the exacting requirements of Document L 2010.

Colours and Profiles

Available in a choice of standard or non-standard colours, including metallic, dual colour, Smart Architectural Aluminium Sensations textured, and Alchemy anodised effect finishes.

  • Fixed windows
  • Single or double sash, side hung open out casements
  • Top hung open out casements
  • Pivot windows
  • Polyamide thermal break provides enhanced thermal performance
  • Designed as a direct replacement for steel windows

Alitherm Heritage provides a modern light-weight, high-strength and cost-effective alternative to traditional steel window and door systems, offering a wide range of benefits including:

Increased Lifespan

Because aluminium does not rust or rot, window frames provide great longevity and can last indefinitely. This also means that the aluminium windows have the longest lifespan of any window framing material, with typical replacement periods of 40 years – compared to a typical 35 year

replacement period for steel, PVC and timber.

Improved Thermal Efficiency

Modern aluminium windows are thermally-broken using polyamide, an excellent insulator which helps to insulate windows against heat loss. The thermal conductivity of polyamide is 160 times better than steel, which for a typical terraced house would provide a saving of around £95 each year in fuel costs. In addition to these energy savings, the polyamide also raises the internal temperature of a house, helping to reduce the risk of condensation.

Smarts Aluminium Alitherm Heritage crittal replacement windows & doors
Smarts Aluminium Alitherm Heritage crittal replacement windows & doors

Above: The Alitherm Heritage multi-part aluminium double door and window system installed by Ruislip Windows & Doors as an internal door and windows to a fully refurbished property in Chorleywood, Hertfordshire.

Below left: Door installation. Right: Payne Road, East London. The site of a former chocolate factory and warehouse, this mixed residential and commercial development consists of 158 one and two bedroom flats.

Alitherm Heritage multi-part windows

Reduced Maintenance

Maintenance for aluminium systems is simple and straightforward, with a routine ‘wipe-clean’ all that is required to keep the products looking their best. With no requirement for re-painting or re-varnishing, aluminium windows and doors will never fade, deteriorate or rust, even in harsh environments, such as coastal locations, where steel windows can be particularly prone to rust, requiring regular maintenance and eventually, replacement.

Widely installed in both new and refurbished commercial properties, Alitherm Heritage aluminium windows and doors are equally perfect for residential homes too.