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Fire Doors


Precision engineered fire safety and all-round performance for your home.

Now you can protect your most important assets - your family and your home, with our new and improved range of composite fire doors. Our certified composite fire doors have been independently tested and proven to keep fire at bay for more than 30 minutes. Consistently exceeding the demanding requirements of both British and EU standards, our doors will do far more than simply enhance your home.

Trust us to provide you with peace of mind and superior fire protection for your home.


Our composite fire doors have been rigorously tested and independently certified against fire for a specific period of time; the FD30 door can withstand fire for 30 minutes. Fire doors help to control the spread of fire and smoke, allowing the building’s occupants vital time to evacuate safely.

Did you know?

It is a legal requirement for residential apartment blocks to have an FD30 door fitted. It is also an essential consideration for integral garages and homes, to provide added fire protection and peace of mind. 

A composite fire door is visually very similar to a standard composite door but with the addition of fireproof materials.

Benefits of a fire door:

Our peformance fire doors create a highly efficient system that not only demonstrates integrity against fire, but also delivers performance relative to smoke control, security, weather, sound insulation and thermal performance. Plus the wide range of styles and colours available means you don't have to compromise on aesthetics, or the overall appearance of your house, flat or office.

Composite fire doors are composed of 100 percent non-toxic materials. So even if they do burn, they will not release toxic gases.

  • High performance
  • Unparalleled security
  • Weather performance
  • Range of colours and styles
  • Consistency and reliability
  • Independently tested
  • Fully certified
  • Fully compliant
FD30 composite fire doors


For flats, apartments, garages and homes.

And just like a regular composite door, you can choose your style, colour, glass design and door furniture, to fully customise your new door.

Safety, security and fire protection all in one

Our FD30 composite fire doors have been fire tested on both the internal and external sides for up to 30 minutes with fully independent third party certification.

All FD30 fire doors have been tested to BS476 Part 22, and are subject to the Q-Mark enhanced security scheme. In addition, the doors have also been tested to BS EN 1634-3 smoke control test and comply with PAS 24 security accreditations.

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